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Holistic Pawz ~ Newsletter, January 2015

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Woohoo! New posts have just been published on our blog. Click on the links below to view the January edition of the Life's Abundance Newsletter. This month, we’ve got a super-fun episode of Pet Talk with Dr. Sarah about a simple canine IQ test, Dr. Jane's take on feline intelligence, plus a heart-warming update from our non-profit foundation.
The 10-Minute IQ Test for Dogs - Video by Dr. Sarah
Is your pup keen to show off his brain power? Have you always known your canine is sharp as a tack, but were unsure how to test just how ‘on the ball’ he is? In this fun episode of Pet Talk, Dr. Sarah reveals how easy it is to assess your pup’s problem-solving abilities. You’ll have the results of this informal test in only 10 minutes, but really...it’s all about the fun. Be sure to download our free scoring sheet to record and share your dog’s IQ! Watch the video now...

Your Cat May Be Smarter Than You Think by Dr. Jane
If you count a cat among your closest friends, you have some idea of just how intelligent they are. But it’s a unique sort of smarts. Unlike dogs, who are generally keen to please their people, cats are more strategic thinkers. In this month’s post from Dr. Jane, our good doctor examines the reasons, and expressions, of feline cleverness. Plus, there are loads of great references if you’d like to learn more! Don’t wait another moment, read Dr. Jane's post now...

Foundation Award to TLC Humane Society
This month’s featured award was presented to The Dahlonega Lumpkin County Humane Society (aka, TLC Humane Society), a Georgia-based group working hard to save the lives of homeless dogs and cats. You’ll see some of the adorable adoptables who’ve been given a second chance at life thanks to this amazing group. All of our Foundation stories are thanks to you, as your continued business helps to fund all of our non-profit’s awards. Read the heartwarming news now...

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