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Holistic Pawz ~ Mind

Holistic Pawz ~ Mind


With so many animals being rescued these days, their trauma needs to be addressed. Many believe that their trauma can and will manifest into a physical illness if not addressed.

There are many companies addressing this issue. I would like to offer information on a few I have worked with in the past.

Anaflora Flower Essence Remedies

BlackWing Farms Flower Essences Remedies
(Shelter Blend was formulated for the animals who survived Hurricane Katrina)

Homeopet Homeopathic Remedies
(All are liquid and I especially like their anxiety formulas)

Kenko™ PetPad
The Kenko™ PetPad provides your pet with the breathable warmth of ceramic reflective fibers. Combined with Advanced Magnetic Technology that features specially placed magnets, it's the ultimate in sleep and comfort technology for your pet. Buy Here

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